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Claire Provencher

Artist Statement

"Altered Confessional Inhabited"

There are many parallels between ceramic vessels and people. Cups, bowls and pitchers have feet, bellies, shoulders and necks.  Vessels and people also have exteriors which are on display for all to see, and interiors, which are often a mystery. Using altered vessels to imply attitude, gesture and interaction, I strive to explore and express human interactions.  Slab constructions provide a setting for the figurative forms. Drawing on memories - real and imagined - and photographs as a catalyst, I create sculptures that question the roles and personalities of the members of my family. Though viewers may not know the full story, I strive to intrigue them with my forms so they may perhaps envision their own stories therein.

In my home studio in Manchester, New Hampshire I approach each functional piece with the same considerations as a sculpture. Each part has a purpose and all sides of the work need to be considered, including the base. Using hand made and manufactured tools, texture plays a big role and glaze choices emphasize both form and texture in hand made pottery and clay pendants. 

Agate texture mugs
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